What is the Love2Dance Camp?

What is the difference to a Party?


At the LDC not only are there at least 40 different dance and fitness formats like Zumba® Fitness, Yoga, Masala Bhangra Workout®, Streetdance, BodyBalance®, Kapow®, Bollywood , Fit&Funky™, Reggaeton, Jawaiian Jam, Island Fusion, Afro Brazilian, Salsa, Samba and much more....it really is all about dancing with friends and taking your time to get to know them better! 

That is why the LDC is a 4 day event. All day classes, all night Party!

Yes, there is a spa, a beach, food... everything you need to relax, but mind you, you might not get a lot of sleep... but a lot of fun! Be part of it, join the fun... people from all over the world come together to enjoy the festival,  the most wonderful instructors and each other!


Why sleep if you can DANCE?!



To take our time...not to just run into your class and fly back out without knowing who you've just spent the last fun hour together dancing next to each other. To be able to go deeper into movement and receive more of the benefits and pleasure of dance and experience the energy of beautiful people surrounding you!

Who are they? What sets them in motion? What do they feel? Why do they dance?...We want to create a space and time to discover new and build roots for more to come that is why we eat together, talk, have long nice walk at the beach and feel the wind blowing through our hair, enjoy the sound of the Baltic Sea and exchange stories and experiences, we create new ideas and of course we dance, dance, dance until we can't feel our feet anymore and the only thing left by the end of the day is to fall into our soft beds and awaken to the next joyfull morning to continue this journey... ;)



Colourful crew, colourful people, colourful ideas...That is InJoy events!
Every group is only as strong as the weakest part of it worse case we still have LDC and coffein!
A strong and creative team makes everzthing possible.
We are ecxited to make this event happen and swing our hips.
Summer (well, spring), just sun and happiness at the beach in "weissenhaeuserstrand" located at the baltic sea!